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Pop the bubbly, this is where the Laura Johnston magic begins. I like to call myself a professional best friend. Accompanying you on the shoot experience of a lifetime, I'm there to make you laugh, capture you in your authentic state, and be your hype girl. First, let's get to know each other! 

Use the tabs below to read about what it’s like to shoot with me, frequently asked questions, my pricing, and more so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Thanks for being here friend.

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New Girl obsessed Michigan Pine Lover

Laura Johnston Photography once started as a dream but grew into a business. A young girl that was determined, and enjoyed true genuine connection, shortly turned a passion into a career. Swing by my about page, peek into what makes me well...me and see how great of a fit we are! 

About Laura

Can we choose our location?

Do you send unedited images?

I do not and never plan on providing raw images (unedited) images. Without my images edited, I do not consider my job complete.

I will have sneak peeks sent to you 24 hours after your session is complete. 2-3 weeks after your session, you will be sent a password protected full online gallery available for download and printing.

How will I receive my photos? 

When do I get my photos back? 

I have a location guide I can share with you. This gives you a visual representation of multiple locations I have shot at before. If you have a specific location in mind, we can absolutely discuss that.

After our session is complete, my turnaround time is 2-3 weeks to finalize the editing process. I will keep you updated throughout my editing process.

Who do you photograph?

Great question! I focus on couples, engagements, proposals, lifestyle, families, baby announcements, maternity, baby showers, and wedding showers. If you are looking for something that is not on this list, please fill out my contact form, we can still discuss options.

Absolutely! Depending on the season and temperatures outside, I have advice on what looks best, and what to stay away from! We can work together to find that perfect outfit(s)!

Can you help with outfits? 

How do I book a session?

Whats your photography style?

Can you photoshop my insecurities?

Where are you based? Do you travel? 

Please use my contact form to fill out the specific questions I have provided. These will be helpful for me to get to know you more and to help us with details of the session. Once I get your submission, I will be reaching out to you so we can discuss specifics and pricing (Date, time, location) and sharing my contract for you to look over and sign. Once I receive the signed contract with the 20% retainer fee to secure your date your session will be secured.

My Photography is a mixture of candid moments with poses here and there. I want to make sure I capture those in-between moments that matter the most. The moments you had no idea I was snapping the camera. I want you to forget that I am even there. I want emotion, I want to feel, I want tears, I want huge smiles from ear to ear, I want everything in between.

I am based in Metro Detroit, MI (Oakland County) to be exact. I am willing to travel/ explore if that is what a client wants for their photo needs. Keep in mind, traveling does consist of extra fees.

I like to keep my editing as natural as possible. Anything that is normally not there will be the only thing that is edited (scars, blemishes, rashes, sunburn, *unless you want them to stay). If you love to pose on a certain side, have insecurities, PLEASE let me know before/during our shoot. I want to make sure you are 100% comfortable.

Do you photograph LGBTQ?

What if I'm afraid to be in front of the camera?

Don’t worry I got you!! I make my sessions fun that most people forget we are there to take photos. I always have music playing, either my own, or I will ask you to put on a playlist of your liking. Other than that, I will be directing the shoot the whole time so you have nothing to worry about! Please know we are a team and I will never make you pose or create a movement that will make you look bad. You’ll have to trust me on this one, but I promise you will be comfortable and love every minute of our session. (A tip if you are SUPER nervous, youtube is your best friend to find mock shoots/ poses or movements photographers might do. I can help you with this as well)

What if there's bad weather?

Mother nature tends to change her mind a lot in Michigan. And for this reason, I am fully up to rescheduling our shoot if we absolutely have to! However, this is depending on the severity of the weather. If someone wants a super rainy photoshoot or dancing through a snowstorm, I am your girl. But please keep in mind, my client’s safety is always first priority.

ABSOLUTELY!!! I do not discriminate by any means. When I say I photograph anyone, I mean it wholeheartedly.



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